Friday, December 5, 2008

Plans for Christmas

It's that time to start thinking about Christmas Day and Christmas dinner. There's not too much traditional about the food we cook. I can't say that we ever make the same thing every year. Well, I guess if we're home on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, I also make quiche with my delicate homemade crust. That would be closest we have to tradition.
After eating the scrumptious lamb in Italy, jerry decided that he wanted Crown Roast of Lamb for Christmas. I don't even know where to buy it here - never mind how to cook it! But it seems like a challenge that I would be up for and one that would be fun to try. I understand that we are going to Jerry's mother's house on Christmas Day, so I'll also have to learn how to carry the crown roast there. This will be interesting, but something fun and new!!
I sure hope Jerry likes it!!

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