Thursday, December 4, 2008

Who Knew the Cookies Were Missed?

The other day, I mentioned to Jerry that I was going to make Christmas Cookies this year. This used to be a yearly tradition for me, but in the last few years, I gave it up because I was so busy. I would send tray after tray to work with him and they'd be gobbled up. Of course, we hoarded as many Gingersnaps and Snickernoodles as we could at home! By the next day, he had already told some of the guys that they were cookies this year!!
Then Shane came home from work last night and saw my Cookie Cookbook on the table. Boy, did he get excited! I think he would have made them right then and there had I had all the ingredients.
I learned through cookies that some things should never be given up. Not for work, not for diets, not for lack of time. This was a tradition that should have stayed. And I'm really happy to say that in 2008, this is a "sweet" tradition that we'll re-instate and keep through the years!

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Anonymous said...

Christmas cookies are a big tradition at our house, too, Brenda, and I hope I never have to give them up! We make them every year, and we do rolled cookies, so that everyone helps to decorate. Now my problem is that everyone wants to come to the cookie decorating events, so I need a bigger kitchen and house! Hugs to you.