Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Have Been Scrapping Like Crazy!

I have been working on my cruise book like crazy! This has been no small task with all those amazing pictures that were taken in Spain, Italy, and France. I don't feel like I got near enough pictures on the ship, but there is a CD of pictures coming from Corporate, so I am hoping someone thought to take pictures from there. I guess we were too busy being pampered and taking it all in!!

Anyway, yesterday Jerry and I spent the day out looking for a shelf for the living room for my albums. Right now I have 7 albums in the "works," so they are not on the shelf. However, when they are completed (and that is my resolution this year), they will go on the shelf with all the rest. I've already figured out where a matching shelf can go in the living room - LOL! I just knew one wouldn't be enough!!

We found this at the Amish Corner and we just love it! It goes perfectly in our living room!


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful armoir! Did you have it painted that way or did you find it that way? Love it!
Diane L.

Helen said...

that is a neat cupboard...the thing that caught my eye though is your goal...finish 7 albums this year??? I am proud of you, I have a goal of getting started on one!! Ha. I teach it, and give them away, but have yet to get one done for us...well, I have a couple of 6x6s' but not a 12x12 yet, after all these years. So hopefully I will get going. First I need to clear a path to my crafting table, it is the catch-all room too....btw...I love that picture of Shane (is that your son?) and his dog...very cute

Brenda said...

Yes, we bought the Amish shelf like that. Can you believe it? The man sells it in different levels of ditressing and I love this one.

Helen, I've got 7 albums started that need finishing up! They've been "in process" for so many years!! Yep - that's Shane, our 19-year old. Boy, time went fast. Now hurry, go clear out that craft table. you've only got a month till your swap is due - LOL!!!