Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Winner of Contest!!

Thank you all so much for entering the very Rose Blossom Legacies contest!! What fun to just answer a question and be eligible for a prize!!

I put all the names in a box, and I left it up to Shane to draw the winner. ( I get to nervous because I want everyone to win!!) He picked Jessica!!

Jessica - send me an e-mail and let me know what stamp set or paper packet you would like! Congratulations!!!

This was SO MUCH FUN! I can't wait to do something like this again! Watch for more contests in the future!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jessica!

Anonymous said...

Way to go SHANE!!! Let me take a quick look and I will send you an email.. I never expected to win.. So now I will have look.. Thanks Brenda!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jessica!! Dosen't it feel awesome to win a drawing! By the way Brenda I went to Target today and bought the coffee mix so I will be making it this weekend, I hope it turns out just as good as your's.

Anonymous said...

I am quite certain your coffee will be yummy. Lot of ice - that's the trick! That's what gets me through a good scrapping day - a good blended coffee. Tomorrow I'll be working all day after leaves for ice fishing. Shane works until 11 pm, so I can turn MY music up loud and get lots of stuff done! Watch for new artwork!!

Are you pouring over the catalog, Jessica?

Anonymous said...

The book does not do justice to the botanicals - I will be ordering them the next time I place an order as they are very nice! I am going to have to steal a couple of these ideas for cards this week!