Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Love My Swaps!

I just participated in a swap, and WOW, do I love the cards I received in return! I do this swap every single Idea Book and I invite other consultants. It is so much fun to see what everyone comes up with!! This time I put a twist on the cards and wanted them to be interactive in some way, shape or form - a fold, a tuck, a spin, a pop - whatever anyone felt like. Well, just look at what people came up with!! I am so blessed to have such talented friends!! I am going to tell you - these pictures do not do the cards justice at all. They are so much more gorgeous in person!!

Cards #1: Penny K - She has created a dial, and each word was rubbed on with individual letters from our Love Letters rub-ons. Oh, so beautiful.

Card #2: Helen B - I love when Helen makes pop-up cards!! The colors and the cupcakes are so much fun in this card. Look at the shape of the card - and the colors!!

Card #3: Sandy R - Sandy random stamped this card and then look at the cuts. It opens up to make it look like the world spins! I LOVE it! Right away I thought of Graduation with this card.
Card #4: Amy H - I took Amy's card out, and I still can't figure out how she did this! I LOVE this ribbon pull on the inside! It doesn't lag when it's inside or outside. It's just beautiful - this is a fine design!!
Card #5: Jennifer B - What you can't see about this precious cupcake card is that Jennifer has created a pendulum inside the card. When you open the front, the cupcake swings. Oh, so much fun!
Card # 6: Regina - She has created a purse for all of us girls. Isn't it adorable with all the hanging beads? When you open up the purse, there is a spot for a gift card. VERY good design!!

Card #7: Dani - I love when Dani participates! She always has the sweetest cards and this tag card is no exception. Done in sweet leaf with the Dream Wishes stamp set, it's just SO pretty. I am thinking this would be a very nice design for shower invitations.
Card #8: Crissy - Isn't this Cupcake Sprinkles card cute? Boy, it has little girl written all over it!! She has make a slot in it to fashion a "belt" card. That is a very good way to show off our beautiful background and texture paper - just as she has done!
Cards #9 & #10: Me (I had a swapper drop, so I did two!) The first card has a spinning daisy on the front. the second has a hidden journaling tag.

Swaps are a great way to get ideas! I just love sharing with my friends this way!!


Anonymous said...

These are all great cards!

Anonymous said...

I want to make the purse!!

Anonymous said...

Brenda.. I have a page now!!

Brenda said...

Regina is going to be so happy that you want to make the purse! She would come right up from Chicgo to teach you she is such a sweetheart!!

Off to check your blog!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't wait to get mine! These cards are great-- my customers will LOVE them!!

My design came from another consultant on the bulletin board, so I give her credit. Thanks, Pat P.