Thursday, February 12, 2009

No Artwork Today...Just a Memory!

I was thinking about Valentine's when I was a little girl. I was always excited for this holiday because "way back in the day" we really got to decorate the classroom before any type of holiday. We spent time the week before making boxes for the wonderful Valentine's we would receive at the party, and there was great anticipation over the homemade heart-shaped treats that all the mothers would bring in that special day!!

Want to hear something funny? I never made it to one single Valentine's party in elementary school. Every year I had a fever, the flu, and during the last year, I had chicken pox. Can you believe it?! It is no wonder that I over-do this holiday a bit in our house - LOL!! ;)

When my son came along, I was really anxious to make his first Valentine's party at school special. I planned on bringing treats, we made homemade Valentine's. You'll never guess what. He came down with the chicken pox and couldn't go to school that day!! So you know what I did? I decorated the house, called the moms to see which kids already had chicken pox, and invited them over after school. During the day, Shane and I put together Valentine's for his friends - and it turned out to be a great party!!

Oh, and he was never sick on Valentine's again!!

What about you? Do you have some Valentine's memories? I think they are just grand times to remember! Roses, chocolate, love ads in the paper, jewelry - it's such a sweet holiday!!

This year Jerry and I are going to dinner at a place called Serendipity on Valentine's Day. They have a harpist that evening, and I am quite sure from talking to friends that it is going to be lovely.

May you have a Valentine's Day filled with love!!


Laughsalot said...

Ohhh.. What a nice memory! It brought tears to my eyes!! The only memory I can think of for Valentines is when Ryan and I were dating. We were together like 6 months, and he worked late. So I went to his apartment and spelled out I LOVE YOU with Hershey kisses. I had candles lite. He walked in the door and saw everything. Then he had to go into his kitchen to prepare my present. I got a big mug with a stuffed gorilla inside and a flower. I just laughed. But to this day I still have that mug.

Jenny-May said...

I hope you guys have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I always remember the Valentine boxes or bags that we made in school - but not much else about it - I think I remember more about my more recent celebrations with my one true Valentine.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Brenda, that sounds very romantic! I feel sorry for kids these days-school parties are just not like they used to be. I don't remember details, but I do remember how much I loved getting and giving valentines. I remember Dad had a valentines party when Rob, Amy, Ryan and Adam were younger. That was fun!