Sunday, March 22, 2009

What a Wonderful Weekend!

I was really bummed out when this weekend started. Two of my sisters and two of my nieces were scrapping away this weekend, and I wasn't able to join them. I LOVE scrapping with my family. We have so much fun and laugh so much. In the end, it's not just about the scrapbooking - and that's why it's such a special time!

After I cleaned up my house on Saturday, Jerry took me over to Beef O'Brady's for lunch and then out for a little meandering. It was nice just to walk and talk without thinking about the mess in my office (or the fact that I still have to finish taxes!).

Today, I grabbed Shane for a bit and took him out. I had seen a purple button-down shirt (his favorite color), and I knew he'd probably love it. Sure enough when I took him back today, we got him the purple (well, Petal in CTMH colors!) shirt and a Buttercup t-shirt. He looks great! Then we had a leisurely lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was very nice catch-up time for Mom and her almost 20-year old.

So even though I missed scrapbooking, boy was I blessed! I had separate time with my two best men. What more could a wife and mom ask for?

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