Scrapping and Fishing...All in One Day!

What a fun day we had scrapping!! I thought a would share a few pictures with you. In the front row on the left - my niece Jessica and my sister Linda. In the back from the left - my niece Kristina, me, and my mother-in-law Sharon. So the hall pass was used, and the clapper worked great! I loved hearing that because then I got to see everyone's work and their creativity! Jessica and Kristina tied for the most pages done at the end of the day winning a card kit!

We played a couple of games during the day. I think the first one was much to everyone's dismay! I had everyone take out 2 sheets of matching paper that they liked and I gave them a 5x7 card base. Then they had to pass their paper to left and it was up to the person on the left to create a card for them in 8 minutes! It was a fun, fun game, and I liked seeing everyone work on a card quickly. Sometimes we might need a card in a hurry, and that's what I was trying to teach. I loved what everyone did! Kristina made my card from the Animal Cookies paper I passed her - and it is great! The best part was that everyone won (just the Ellen show!) and went home with a bag of cards and paper!

In the afternoon, I had everyone take out their ugliest piece of paper. You know we get packs or pads, and there is inevitably that one piece we don't like. We had to add one element and then pass it to the left. By the time it got back to the owner, it would have 5 elements and it would be BEAUTIFUL. I have to say, Linda's was the most difficult to work with. Brown peacock feathers - yuck! Am I right, girls? However, even Linda's was beautiful by the time it got back to her! Never underestimate any piece of paper!!

I have had request for the recipes I've used, so I'll put those in another post!

Now I have to bring you to the fishing portion of the day. Jerry spent the day fishing on Lake Superior on a charter. Oh, did he bring back some amazing pictures!! He is getting to be quite the photographer!!

I love the first picture because he purposefully caught the reflection of the cargo ship in the beautiful Lake Superior water.

Here's a morning picture on the lake. In the distance, there is quite heavy fog.

This is the catch of lake trout at the end of the day. Six of them fished, so this is a great haul. As I type, Jerry's portion is on the smoker. Do you like smoked fish? I love it paired with aged cheese. Hmmm. it will be yummy!

So it was a wonderful day for all! Our guests left by 6:30 last evening, and Jerry and I were sleeping by 7:30! Is that a sign of age? Please tell me it's not!! Really we both only gotten 3 hours of sleep the night before getting up at 3:00 am, so the rest felt good! But again I say, it was a wonderful, wonderful day!! I can't wait to scrap again with my family, and Jerry and his buddies are anxious for their next charter fishing trip!!


Unknown said…
What a wonderful day for both of you. I loved seeing the photos and hearing the stories of the crop with your family. I need to copy you and do one for mine soon!
Dawnll said…
So glad you all had such a great time, and looking forward to seeing your finished projects, but most of all the recipe. Thanks for sharing our day with you.
ellen s. said…
that looks like fun...both of them! ;)

can't wait to see the finished projects,too and hoping to see you over at the cuttlebug birthday bash!

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