Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shane 1991

I found these pictures of Shane from 1991 and wanted to put them to a page. He always loved being in the kitchen with me, and I never minded. It was good for him to make a mess and learn along the way. Today, he is a very good cook who easily finds his way around the kitchen, and I am very glad of that!

For this layout I used a CTMH Animal Cookies Level 1 pre-printed layout, buttons, felt, and waxy flax. The star is Ki Memories, the tag is Little Yellow Bicycle, and the letters are Thickers.

I have many, many pictures to scrap yet. I am glad of this because I can scrap from whatever year I want. I am not in a rush to get it done and be completely caught up. Rather I have really enjoyed the process for several years. It is so wonderful to look back on pictures, think of past days, and to really put heart into a layout.

How do scrap? Are you chronological or are you like me - grabbing pictures from here and there that inspire you?

The blog hop is on Saturday, so don't forget to stop by! I have something special planned for my vistitors!! After that, you won't see me for a bit. I have lots of housework to do that I have been neglecting. Taxes are also nagging at me, and I need to get them done so that the burden can be lifted. By the time those things are done, I'll be ready to get back in the creating mode!!

Hope the sun is shining where you are and that you are having a good day!


Jamie Harder said...

Awww what a sweet little helper:-) I am like you - scrapping whatever I want when the mood strikes!! I find I enjoy the process so much more if I am not "forced" to do whatever page is next chronologically!!

Unknown said...

No wonder he is good in the kitchen, he had a great beginning! He was as adorable then as he is now. He can come and cook for me any day.

I do whatever and when ever. But I find myself right this moment, into cards more than scrapping and I must get back!
See you this weekend!
Kim xXx

Dawnll said...

How wonderful these pictures are on this layout. I love to go all over also, but I try to take turns between the children so I have scrapbooks to give them each year. I really miss some of the layouts I did for them.I try to take pictures for myself...
What wonderful memories to keep with Shane

Laurel said...

Oh what fun pictures and layout!

Shelly R Wilson said...
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Nancy Keller said...

I do love sketches! Thank you for sharing! My dad was also in Korea - in the army at a very young age. Oh how I would love to get ahold of his photos. :)