I am so Surprised!!

I was just over at Bo Bunny linking up my card for the challenge, and I just saw that I won March's Card Challenge Tuesday!  YIPPEE for me!!  Click here to look at the card that was chosen.  So surprised!!


Jamie Harder said…
Congratulations!!!!!! Well deserved, that card is GORGEOUS!!!!
Dawnll said…
Congratulations! I am not surprised at all your work is outstanding and anyone can see that.
Enjoy the glory sweetie you have so earned it.
Unknown said…
Congrats, that card is so fabulous! I agree with Dawn, I'm not surprised that you won with your incredible talents! Enjoy!
Kim xXx
Unknown said…
Congrats, girlfriend!
Annette said…
Hello Brenda!
Your artwork is beautiful. I don't know how much CTMH you do lately, but the S. Hearts posts today were about the cards that you made our of Level ones. Your creativity inspires!
Have a beautiful weekend!

p.s Never having posted before, I am not sure how to sign off!

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