Friday, July 9, 2010

Congratulations Trevor!!

I need to take some time to congratulate my nephew, Trevor.  It is such exciting news!! 
Trevor attended Under Armour national tryouts this summer.  Yesterday he was called and invited to play ball in the Pirate City World Series in Florida!  Oh, I am so happy for Trevor!!  He doesn't graduate high school until 2013, but he was one of ten in that group chosen to play.  Can you imagine how excited he, my sister, and their family must be!!  Trevor gets to play, train, eat, and sleep like the pros down at the Pittsburgh Pirates training camp!  It is exciting to me that he gets to compete on a national level.
I'll brag on Trevor a bit now.  He is an amazing student, so kind and compassionate, could beat anyone of us in Scrabble (really - I'm pretty good and he rocks that game!), and is an awesome ball player.  What impresses me the most about Trevor (and actually all of my sister Patti's kids) is how caring he is toward family.  My sister and her husband should take great pride in the Christian way they have raised their children!
So, a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE congratulations to Trevor!  You are amazing, kiddo!!


Laurel said...

What great news, so happy for him!

Random Acts of Krafting said...

Congratulations Trevor!

Jamie Harder said...

He sounds like a real special boy - what a GEM!! BIG congrats to Trevor!!

Debbie said...

Congrats - how special!

Unknown said...

I don't know Trevor, but....CONGRATS!!!!! If you work hard, have faith, and dream will come! I'm so proud of him, wow such an honor!!!!
Your lo is just perfect. I love the photo and it makes this story even sweeter!!!!
kim xXx

Irena said...


Trevor said...

Thank you for the card and all the support you guys have given me!