Sunday, July 11, 2010

Outdoor Layouts - Blog Award

Jerry and Chanel went fishing this morning, so I am spending the day in my craft room.  It's kind of humid and gray outside, so I think this is the perfect day to get some paper crafting done!

I've used all Echo Papers today.  I received these as free goodies, and I am really impressed with the versatility of this line.  It could literally be used for anything or anybody.  I LOVE that!  The first LO I want to show is a sketch from Sassy Lil Sketches.  Play along during the month for a chance to win the monthly prize!

I left this sketch pretty true to it's form choosing to use only a few colors and not many embellishments.  The colors really make the pictures stand out!

The next sketch is from Let's Scrap.  Did you know that if you play along on this site, you have a chance every week to win a prize?  Such lovely, complimentary women over at Let's Scrap!

I LOVED this sketch because I could get so many pictures on these two pages.  Again, this is Echo Park.  I lvoe the papers and embellishments for this line!

Here are the pages singly:

And finally, I want to tell you about a Blog Award I received!

My wonderful and dear friend, Kim bestowed this honor on me!  This was so sweet of you, Kim!!  You know I am sending this right back to you.  You inspire me through your artwork, and I love that I have gotten to know you so well just through reading your blog!  (Blog world is a great place!)

This award comes with a set of rules...

1) Thank the person who gave it to you 2) Tell seven things about yourself 3) Pass the award on to five bloggers whom you think are fantastic..

I am passing this award on to Irena, Dawn, Diana, Laurel, Debbie, Susan, Jamie, and Barb.  Okay, so I went over five, but these women really inspire me!

Now to tell seven things about myself:
  1. I am a terrible typist.  I am fast enough, but there are usually some letters mixed up, and I just don't find the need to correct them.  (If you've been reading me long enough, you alreadly know this!)
  2. I am pretty darn honest.  In my younger years that was much to my detriment, but now I think it's a great quality.  Along the same lines, my biggest pet peeve is lying.  Gracious, the truth may seem hard, but in the end, it's always the easiest.
  3. I don't like pants.  If you were to come to my house, 99% of the time I would be in a dress or skirt.
  4. I love going to wine tastings.  I don't know that is tasting the wine so much as it is the atmsophere.  Wine tastings always leave me remembering our day in Tuscany.
  5. In 6th grade, my teacher told me I was a horrible artist.  I still remember how I felt and I did not even try anything artistic for years.  I scrapped my first pages when Shane was just a very little boy, but I didn't like them.  It wasn't until a few years ago that I understood that I am not a horrible artist.  Perhaps that's why I encourage individuality in all the classes I teach.  Everyone's artwork is a reflection of who they are, and that makes it all good.
  6. I listen to all types of music.  I only steer away from music with angry lyrics.
  7. I miss all 4 of my sisters almost every day.  I don't live near any of them, but they are a part of me.
Now, I must get back to crafting.  There are so many fun challenges sitting on my desk!  I am going to catch up on readng blogs this evening while watching tv.  I can't wait to see what you've all been up to!!


Dawnll said...

Wheww, girl you have been busy.
I must say I am loving that yummy paper also.
How sweet of you to pass on this award. I must admit I have been terrible and not posted after Kim passed it on to me. Shame on me I know.
Love to find out new things about you.

grandmalee said...

Fabulous layout! What a great way to get all of those multiple shots scrapped! Love those pennants on this too! Congrats on your award!

Laurel said...

Wow, you have been busy and they are so fabulous! love that paper! oh and thank you for the award... (((hugs)))

Irena said...

Your pages are gorgeous. very beautiful papers and details.
Thank you very much for the award.

Unknown said...

First, you are so very deserving of this award, you are a special person and I love you!!!! precious little Miss Chanel is being all featured in her very own glamourous layout!!!! I love it....these photos of her are simply darling.....
Your outdoor adventure is such a beautiful layout! I adore the papers you chose and they compliment the photos so wonderfully!
kim xXx

Pat said...

I like all your los!!! You are on a roll!!!

Katie said...

Loving all the papers in both of your layouts. So fun!

Cherie said...

Great work! I absolutely love those papers! Thanks for sharing with us!

Martine said...

great LO! love those papers too! especially love the blues of your "joy" LO!

Barb Craft said...

Goodness... I have been out of the blogging loop a few days... camping will do that to you!! And I was just catching up on a few of my favorite blogs and found that you left me this fabulous award!! How sweet of you!! I love reading your list.. we actually have a few things in common!! I would take a skirt over jeans any day... way more comfortable!! and it sounds as though my typing skills are almost as great as yours!! And... my sisters are my best buddies. I am really going to miss them when I move.. we have lived near each other since we have been born!!
Thanks for thinking of me!! I will get this posted soon!!
bArb :)