Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I'll be back later today with some artwork, but for right now I have to take the time to wish my kiddo a very happy 22nd birthday!  As you may know from following me, he is about right smack dab in the middle of school.  Before we know it, he'll be a fully licensed hair stylist!

We are so proud of him.  Not only did he win the salon fair at school (picture above), but he was selected as one of five students to attend a "trend" seminar in May.  It is fully paid for, and he'll be learning some great things!  He is definitely going to fall into the "trendy" category when all is said and done.  I am so proud to be able to say that he is already building a good repeat client list in the school salon.  Not only do I think that has something to do with his styling, but also his personality.

So happy birthday, kiddo!  You deserve the best of days!!


Nati Tristan said...

God Bless and Happy Birthday! That's awesome! I wish him the best in luck in his bright and coming future!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Shane!

Dawnll said...

Happy Birthday Shane (love that
That is so exciting about the award and we knew he was going to excel!
Many happy happy returns.
blessings to you, Dawn ll