Wednesday, April 20, 2011

CK Weekly Challenges

If you go over to the Club CK Blog, you will see that there are many challenges to participate in both ont he blog and in the forums.  I so enjoy a good challenge, you know!   The weekly scrapbook and card challenges are Page Maps sketches, and I couldn't resist.

I used MME Stella & Rose Hattie for this layout.  Couldn't you just pick up that little and hug him like crazy?!  Oh, Shane has always had the most wonderful smile!  He was 4-1/2 in this picture, and next week he will be 22.  Oh my how time flies!  I used the Slice Just Chillin' card for the diecuts and letters.

This card was made with my scraps from Fancy Pants Beach Bum.  I used Martha's double loop punch for the kraft borders.  The other day when I made this card with butterflies, I stamped extra ones so that I'd have them for other projects.  I love the way all the colors tie together on this card.

Have you been crafting today?  I have to tell you - we got snow again this morning.  This is what it looked like when I woke up ~

But thankfully, it melted quickly and this is what it looked like at dinner time ~

We are still not up to average temperatures, but at least they say Easter weekend will be nice.  I hope so!  We truly have had enough snow!

I received an e-mail today about Making Memories Slice Trade-In.  I have one of the very first Slice's, so mine is old, loud, and I have to adjust the blade for different types of paper.  The trade-in is $74.99 plus shipping for the Slice Elite.  I know - that's a great deal!  But here's my dilemma.  I use that little machine almost every day.  I'd have to send a part from my existing machine and wait for the new machine to come.  This could take a couple of weeks.  Wow - I might have Slice withdrawl!  So I have to think on that a bit.  My machine works great, and I am not bothered by the adjusting.  I've learned just where to turn the blade for different papers.  I hate to pass up a new and improved machine that is inexpensive, but I'm also pretty frugal.  If something works, I just don't replace it.  Well, I'm glad I had this little talk with you - maybe I'll be able to decide now!  LOL!!

Off to look at some more little boy Shane pictures and try to remember where all the years have gone!


Nati Tristan said...

Wonderful Projects! Goodness, I can't believe that the snow melted so quickly! Now, in regards to the slice, why spend if yours is fine? At least tta what I feel. So what if it's an amazing wonderful absolutely stunning price? (lol) If yours works.. there is no need to spend almost $100 for something you already have (kinda). Just my opinion.. but That is a very tempting offer! Whatever you decide I support! :o) Good luck with your decision!

Laurel said...

Wow, you are really cranking out the projects lately, fabulous!

Marg Van Patten said...

Terrific projects. The butterflies on the card look a bit translucent. What did you stamp those on? (or maybe I'm seeing things!)
I just purchased several Stella & Rose items at my LSS last week ... great product!
As for the snow....I wish Mother Nature would stop hitting the snooze alarm on Spring!