Friday, May 27, 2011

3x3 Cards

One of my favorite things to make for a gift is cards.  I especially like putting little 3x3's together as a gift.  So often we need just a little something to top a gift, and these work perfectly!  Just click on the photo if you's like to see them in a little more detail.

I used CTMH Mayberry for these cards, and I combined a lot of different stamps.  I am not much of a "pink" girl at all, but this particular color - Smoothie - is so warm and wonderful.  I have to tell you that for these cards I used 1-1/2 sheets of colonial white carstock, 1/2 sheet of olive cardstock,  and 1/4 sheet of each pattern.  They use so little paper and pack quite a punch!  When I was all done, I used a little Glitz Glitter Gel to ask a little touch of sparkle to the flowers.  I looked over some challenges to see if I could enter them somewhere, but so many challenges use digital images now.  Perhaps you've noticed that I have not been doing as many challenges lately, and I guess that's why.  For cards, I still like plain old stamping.  There are lots of people out there that love digital images though, so it's good we've got things in the crafting world to meet everyone's needs! 

I'll put my supply list at the bottom of this post, but I have to tell you about about these books I've been reviewing.  You'll be seeing another review soon for A Reluctant Queen, a fictional story about Esther.  I get these books free of charge either in hard copies or for my Kindle from a place called Book Sneeze that I found throught my friend Amy.  All I need to do is post a review.  I think this is wonderful because I am picking up books that I may not have read otherwise.  So check them out if you like to read and are willing to review!

Supply List:  Mayberry Level 2; Twill Ribbon (20 yds for $3.00 right now - WOW!); Pearl Opaque Gems; Clear Sparkles; Bitty Sparkles; Kraft Color-Ready Borders
Stamp Sets: You & Me; A Tulip; Sophia; Bless This Nest; Card Chatter; Spring Up


Unknown said...

Every last one of those 3 x 3's is just delicious!

Laurel said...

These are such gorgeous cards!

Mitralee said...

Love he ctmh post and the sweet tattered rose and button flower, thanks for sharing!