Thursday, May 5, 2011

Catchng Up

I am going to be bringing you some artwork this afternoon, but I thought I'd just share some thoughts first thing this morning.  It is a rainy morning, but the grass is so green!  With all the rain we've had, it sure did green up quickly!  The leaves are just now starting to bud, so I am thinking that by mid-May we should see full trees.  It is a little late this year with all the snow we've had - just last week we had more!  Usually my lilacs are in full bloom by mid-May, but I don't see them opening until the beginning of June this year.  As I was looking out my craft room window this morning, the rain was steadily falling and there in the back yard, enjoying the peace, was a big beautiful pheasant.  I could get a picture fast enough, but I am so glad they are comfortable walking through our backyard.  Such a beautiful bird!

We found out yesterday that our kiddo is leaving the nest again.  This time, I know it will be for good.  It wasn't easy for him to come back home again last summer, and I know it's been hard for him to live so far from his friends.  He looked at an apartment in the neighborhood of Uptown Minneapolis, and he really likes it.  I was glad to hear that he has dedicated parking and that the rent is extremely reasonable (he'll have a roommate).  He only has about 6 months left at beauty school, so this is actually a great area for him to live when it comes time to look for a stylist position.  I know Shane's work will be on the trendier side, and that's just where he needs to be.

Even though I am happy for him, there was just a little bit of a pit in my stomach.  I know this time he won't come home again.  It's time for him to be on his own permanently, and that is just okay.  I am mentally giving him wings not just to fly - but to soar!  God has been so gracious to give us such a wonderful son.  I look forward to seeing where his life takes him - career, marriage, children. 

Well, I'd better start my day.  I am excited to be sending my projects to Paper Crafts today for the Holiday and More issue.  I also have a couple of pictures on my desk that are begging to be scrapped! So, I'll be back with some artwork before the day is done!


Dawnll said...

Oh I know it has to be hard to let him go- since you have so enjoyed him being there again.
Just think of it as a bonus you got for being such a special person.
I know you are proud and so happy for him.
Please tell him Good Luck
blessings to you, Dawn ll

Nati Tristan said...

I wish your son the best.. and pray that he is ok on his own! God bless!