Studio J Layouts

My sister posted some pictures from my nephew's prom on Facebook.  I grabbed those right away, and today I had the opportunity to sit down and put them to a Studio J layout.  I wanted my sister to have a copy for his Open House at the end of June, and I wanted a copy for myself.  That's where Studio j comes in really handy! 

Gosh, my nephew has chosen a very beautiful young woman!!  I have not met her yet, but I understand that her personality is as beautiful as that smile!

I also had many pictures of our cookie bake weekend last November.  It was a lot easier to do them on Studio J because I was able to re-size the pictures to fit a pattern that holds 10 pictures.  If anyone from the cookie bake would like these pages, I can easily order duplicates!

My two men are out doing yardwork, and I am starting to feel quilty now.  Jerry's trimming and Shane is mowing.  I would think that I need to get out there and finish my transplanting, so that this quilt goes away. ;)


Jamie Harder said…
These are both FANTASTIC!!!
Nati Tristan said…
Those are great! lol! I know what you mean! When my hubby is out there cleaning I feel guilty for not doing my part.
Karen Wilson said…
Omgoodness .. these are gorgeous and you're right, your nephew's gf is stunning!
Julie Young said…
Karen, THANK YOU! My son has definitely found a keeper!

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