What a Great Day!

I just had a marvelous Saturday!  This morning was my "first" Gathering for Close To My Heart.  I say "first" because when I was CTMH before, I did so many Gatherings!  I love to bring CTMH products to people, and I love the idea of a Gathering. I got to see and catch up with people that I haven't seen for so long!  I have missed teaching at my home and welcoming people in.  I'll side track with a little story here.  Jerry and I remodeled the living room 7 years ago.  When it was done, I prayed over that room and trusted God to fill it up with people and laughter.   I have an Uppercase Living saying on the arch to the kitchen that says "Sit Long, Talk Much."  I truly believe that is what the purpose of our upstairs living room is, and it is always my pleasure to fill the room with people!

I was graced with those beautiful flowers today!  My friend Patty, who was also a downline of mine in my previous years with CTMH, brought those to me to welcome me back.  What a wonderfully sweet thing to do!  But that is Patty - she is that sweet! 

My upline, Karen (who is amazing!), told me that CTMH and I go together like peanut butter and jelly.  She is right!  And this wonderful "first" Gathering of mine just proved it!  Thanks, ladies for spending your Saturday morning having brunch with me.  You are all so close to my heart!


Karen Wilson said…
Sounds like you had a FAB day!! Gorgeous flowers!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your kind words Brenda. Your gathering was very informative and provided inspiration for me.
The Lord has answered your prayer we had a nice time and there was much laughter.
Looking forward to more good times.
God bless you Brenda.
Big smiles,
Nati Tristan said…
Happy you had a great time! And your friend was so nice to give you those beautiful flowers my friend! :o) Have a wonderful Sunday!
Unknown said…
What a sweet friend! I'm so glad your gathering went well. See what I mean? Peanut butter and jelly, baby!

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