Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's All Perspective

Today I am sharing pictures with you of my scrap room.  Jerry and I have been working on it all week, and I finished it up today.  Before I do that, though, I wanted to share something I was thinking about all day while I was moving my things.  I had this room once, and last July when Shane moved home, I gave it up so that he could have the big room.  I moved all of my things into the tiniest little space, and that's what I have been working out of for the past 11 months.  People couldn't believe I gave up the big room.  I realized today that when you are a Mom, you'll sacrifice easily to make your child comfortable and happy.  It doesn't matter what age they are. Even though he has moved out to a big room of his own, my prayer is the same for Shane - that he is comfortable and happy - no matter where he goes or what he does.

Well, okie dokie - on to the pictures! 

I think this is my favorite wall.  I took two layouts that I really loved and framed them as decoration.  This is what I see when I look up from my desk.  The rocking chair in the second photo is 33 years old.  My mother gave it to me when I was 16, and it was the chair I rocked Shane in when he was a baby.  Jerry's dad had it re-finished for me, so it really is an important piece of furniture to me!  In the last pictures, you'll see that I am blessed to have not only a closet, but a cubby built into the wall.  I LOVE that in this room, and I have fully taken advantage of it!

Finally, I couldn't end my post without showing you what Jerry was up to this morning!  It was muckie opener today, and he landed himself a 42" muskie!


Laurel said...

Looks like a great place to have fun!

Rufus said...

Yup, if you gave that room up you are def. a MOM! What a great spot to create in! Congrats to you on your room and to hubby on his fish.

Jolanda said...

Beautiful place and space!!

Unknown said...

That big old fish was Jerry's reward for all of his hard work painting, right?!!!! lol. I'm sure moving back to your 'big stamp room' was bittersweet after having Shane move out. I'm glad it could be something happy when I know that letting a child go is hard. This motherhood thing is an emotional roller coaster, isn't it?