Monday, July 11, 2011

Splash Zone

I have wanted ot scrap these fun pictures of Shane.  4th of July weekend was so unexpected for us.  We really didn't have any plans, and Shane called on Saturday morning to say he was coming home for the weekend.  Yippee!!  It was a perfect weekend weather-wise, so the first thing we thought of was heading out in the boat.  Shane dug out a big inflatable, and we had a perfectly relaxing afternoon on the water!

I made this layout on Studio J because I like this paper, and it is exclusive to Studio J.  While I was putting this together, I learned something about Studio J that I wanted to share.  Mind you, you may know this, but I thought it was a great discovery!  Do you see my buttons on the top left and bottom right?  Embellishments are built into Studio J as a gray kind of ghost image.  You can use them or remove them - whatever you like.  Well, I used to think I had to drag my embellishments over, but no you don't!  You can click on the gray image and change it to whatever color you want.  What a time saver!!  I put this layout together in about 30 minutes.

I still love my handcrafted layouts and you'll most likely see more of them than you'll ever see Studio J layouts.  However, I have been in a card-making and altering kind of mood lately.  When I am in "one of those moods" (and all you crafters know what I mean!) I find it very easy to pop over to Studio J and get a few layouts done.

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Laurel said...

Oh what a fabulous and fun layout!