Friday, September 30, 2011

Our Fall Centerpiece

We are having a bonfire tomorrow with family and friends.  Jerry is smoking ribs and frying the fish he caught this year.  My contributions are German potato salad and my famous homemade baked beans.  I'll also made some mini cupcakes, snickerdoodles, and chocolate chip cookies.  Oh, of course I made the indian corn and peanut mixture.  Have you had it?  Tastes just like a salted nut roll.  We are supposed to have 60 degree weather and a day full of sun, so it's going to be perfect for an on-going fire during the day.  We have 25-30 people, so it's going to be great fun!  Even though everyone will be outside, I wanted a seasonal centerpiece for our dining room table.

The base is a straw wreath.  I used the Art Philosophy cartridge to decorate the wreath.  I cut 90 leaves in three different colors (barn red, goldrush, and honey).  I think I have a dozen of the aster-looking flowers (barn red) and about the same number of rolled flowers (smokey plum).  I finished it off by adding some vine-type leaves (olive).  It might sound like a lot, but really I only used 5 pieces of cardstock.  I used my glue gun to attach everything to the straw wreath and then covered it with Mod Podge.  I found a little pumpkin, cut it down, and then put a candle in the middle.  I LOVE this decoration in our house.  We so love the fall (thus the bonfire), and it feels so wonderful to decorate with these colors.

I'll take loads of pictures and share them with you in the coming days!


Laurel said...

So pretty!

Rufus said...

Your centerpiece is lovely and your menu made me hungry!! Enjoy,

Marg Van Patten said...

Is there no end to your papercrafting skills? I hope not! Lovely work and such a great example of what Art Phil is all about. Thanks for the inspiration.