Monday, September 5, 2011

Winehaven Vineyard - Studio J Layout

Jerry and I went to a lovely winery last weekend.  I decided to do this layout in Studio J.  We have a book started for all the wineries we visit, and I wanted to keep them all the same, and I have a few started in Studio J.  We love going to wineries in the fall.  They are always so pretty, and we meet the nicest owners!  Of course, my very favorite vineyard is a mere plane ride away in Tuscany, Italy.  I haven't done that layout yet, but I'll be sure to share when I do.  Here is what I did with our Winehaven pictures.

Whether from the paper packet or Studio J, Sonoma is one of my favorite paper packets from the new book.  It's. Just. So. Pretty.  If you haven't played in Studio J yet, give it a whirl.  It doesn't cost anything to try it out, and there is nothing to download.  I bet you'll have fun!!

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Laurel said...

Beautiful layout, and looks like a great day!