Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Card Box

This is another project from Detroit Regional Celebration.  I took some liberty with this one making it my own, but the basic pattern, pieces, and idea are the same.

I have an assortment of "things" from Shane.  Little notes, cards, things he's made.  I thought this would be a perfect little box to store all those memories! 

Items used that can be found on my website:
  • Z1647 My Creations Card Box
  • X7142B Dreamin' Level 2 Paper Packet
  • Z1615 Designer Ribbon Red Collection ( I cut the chocolate strip from the striped ribbon)
  • Z1464 Milepost Shapes
  • Z1450 Color-Ready Cork Alphabets
  • Z1487 Pewter Mini Medley Accents
  • Z1686 Cricut Art Philosophy Collection

1 comment:

Laurel said...

How cute and what a great idea!