Snowy Days

I am not a fan of winter, but I love creating winter pages.  There is something about working with Studio J snowflakes that makes me really happy!  You can drop as many snowflakes as you want - and they can be all kinds of shapes!  Well, just take a look....

This was a happy winter retreat with my husband, and this layout is the perfect start to those pages!  Want to know how long this took me?  I timed myself, so I could tell you - LOL!!  It took 31 minutes from the start to when I had the jpg file in my e-mail box.  That's uploading the photos, picking the paper and pattern, adding all those snowflakes, and even journaling!  Not too bad, huh?

Do you have some catching up to do on your pages?  You just might want to give Studio J a try!


Amy Hervey said…
Girl, are you wearing a skirt in that snow?!
Marg Van Patten said…
You are rockin' those snow flakes! Oh I can feel the chill coming off this layout. Love how you timed yourself. Pretty amazing how much time can be saved and how much progess can be made by incorprating Studio J into our scrapbooking.

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