15 Minutes Later...

...and this layout was completely finished using Studio J!  Wowie!  My niece and nephew put pictures on  Facebook yesterday of their children.  They went hunting over the weekend, and the pictures are awesome! Hunting has been such a tradition in this part of my family, and it's fun to see the kids taking an interest at such a fun age.

Do you not believe me when I say it took 15 minutes?  But truly, that's it!  After I grabbed the photos from Facebook, here are my steps:
  1. Open Studio J and name a new project.  "Hunting" worked for me!
  2. Upload the photos.  You simply select, and while they are uploading, you can move on.
  3. Select an Express Collection layout.  I used one of the Little Man layouts.
  4. Pop the photos in their spaces.
  5. I changed one photo well to a journaling spot and put a little something in there.  
  6. Save
  7. Add to cart
  8. Approve the layout
  9. Purchase
  10. Within 3 minutes I had a jpeg in my e-mail, and I am sharing them with you.
Pretty cool, huh?  If you haven't check out Studio J lately, pop over and take a look.  There's no cost to play and look through everything Studio J has to offer.  As you can see, it's pretty fast and easy!


Unknown said…
Hunting is huge in our family too. I love the look of the orange in these photos against the blues and greens and hints of gold of this layout. IT really highlights the photos and makes them pop. Love me some Studio J!
Laurel said…
I just love this!
Leah said…
Sounds really easy (and looks great!). I'm going to have to try it. Thanks! BTW, your grand kids are really cute!

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