January Club Pages - La Belle Vie

I am so excited to be teaching club this month!  We are going to be using the lovely La Belle Vie paper.  This paper is gorgeous!  Lots of Cricut cuts this month as well as some fun stamp use!

My husband really likes these pages so I think I am going to use them for our formal pictures from our upcoming cruise.  I do have a glittery dress that will match the paper perfectly! (No, I didn't so that purposely, but it did work out nicely!)

Class Kit includes:
  • La Belle Vie Paper Packet
  • Bamboo Base Pages
  • Black Flourish Sparkles
  • Purple Sparkles
Supplies need for November Club:
  • Tape Runner
  • 12" Ruler
  • Glue Pen (I highly recommend this for this class!)
  • Pop Dots
  • Scissors
  • Quick Stick Gem Tool (optional)

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Unknown said…
Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful!
Lynnae said…
Very beautiful!

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