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I feel most honored to have been nominated as a Creative Blogger by my friend and fellow consultant, Vicki Wizniuk,  Those of you that follow Vicki know that she is super talented!  Be sure to visit her, share some love, and follow her journey with paper.  You will be most glad that you did!

Creative Blogger is a chain of  blog hop tours.  You will get to meet new bloggers, gather loads of inspiration, and connect with blogs that will expand your creativity.

I have four questions to answer and then I will pass along the nominations:

What am I currently working on?

The question would be...what am I NOT working on!!  But since you asked, here are some projects I am working on:  gifties for a scrapbook retreat this weekend, quarterly team awards and gifties for my team meeting, Christmas tags for my team challenge, Christmas classes, items for a craft fair, and Artfully Sent cards.

I always have a lot of projects in the works, and I LOVE that!  It allows me to channel my many ideas into different artwork pieces!

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

I don't know if I have a genre!  I definitely have a style - clean lines but loads of cluster.  I would say I am most known for those clusters!  I like when pages, cards, or 3-D items are balanced, too, so I really try to teach that at my classes and Gatherings.

I also journal with the my own handwriting 99% of the time.  I truly believe that our children and their children (and so on) need to see our handwriting.

Why do I create what I do?

What a most difficult question!  Creating and teaching those creations is my job, BUT that is not why I create.  I create because I believe it's important to express ourselves in an artistic way.  Whether that's singing or writing or graffiti or playing with paper and ink, like I do, it is important.

When it comes to scrapbooking, we are sharing our story.  That means the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Whoever reads our books in the future needs to know that life is not perfect, but it is well worth living because of everything we experience.

Cards should be an extension of the gift or something happy that a person receives in the mail.  So I like to really think about the person and what they love when I am making a card for them.

Then there's times when I am completely random in my creating just because.  I may have found a new template or technique that I want to try.  Or maybe I am crabby or there is something difficult going on in life.  Creating is therapy for my soul!

How does my creative process work?

I need to be inspired by colors and patterns.  I don't think creativity is something that can be forced, and when I feel like I am forcing it, I have to walk away from my craft desk.  I do a lot of creating in my head before it even start a project.  Ask me now what I am doing on those sleepless nights!  If I think of an idea and it keeps me from sleeping or wakes me up, I will get up to create.  My very patient husband has gotten used to my late nights and need to sleep in once in awhile.  When I just can't bring things together, I go window shopping.  I am very, very inspired by clothing displays!

Now, the fun part!  I get to nominate some inspiring bloggers!

I nominate Morgan Vogt and Karen Day.

Just by reading their blogs, I learn so much about paper crafting, and I gather tons of inspiration.  Both of them have a keen eye for balance and color use.  I know that if you stop by and visit them you will feel the very same way!

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Morgan Vogt said…
Brenda - thank you again for the nomination! It was wonderful to read about how you do what you do and what inspires you.
Karen Day said…
You're such a sweetheart for the nomination, Brenda!! You're one of my biggest sources of inspiration :o)
Vicki Wizniuk said…
This is awesome. Loved reading the answers to your questions, Brenda. Now I can't wait to see your nominations posts this coming week. :)
Amy said…
This is so cool Brenda!!!

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