Friday, September 5, 2014

Relax and Stay Awhile

I am a memory keeper.  

There is nothing I love more than lingering over a layout for a few hours because for me it's not just about putting a photo on paper.  It's about recalling the memories, thinking about the day or the event, and putting that love into the paper and embellishments.  So it often takes me two or three hours to put just a few pictures on pages.  I am okay with that...

As I said, I am a memory keeper.

These photos are from a catamaran excursion in Costa Rica.  This was a bucket list day for my husband.  He has always wanted to take a leisurely day on a catamaran on an ocean.  Every time I think on this day, I am overwhelmed that I earned this trip for the two of us just because I am a memory keeper and share that with others.  Close To My Heart is such a generous company.

So we were on this catamaran for a sunset cruise, and the day couldn't be more perfect.  The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and we had great Close To My Heart friends all around.  We anchored and were able to get off.  Are you kidding?  Jerry was all over that!  He went for the snorkeling equipment and swam away to look under the sea.  I jumped in, took a mouth full of salt water, and floated around with my sweet friend Kim.  As we were sailing back, we were blessed with the most beautiful of sunsets.  

It was a day that dreams are made of.  

While scrapping the most perfect of days, why would I want to rush through the process?  As you have probably guessed by now, I am not a "scrap-40-pages-in-one-night" person.  We have so many lovely things that match, and it's great fun for me to take out bits and pieces to put it all together,

Oh!  I should tell you that this is Seaside Paper, Seaside Complements, Seaside Assortment, and Seaside Picture My Life cards.  I added a little neutral twine and some Artisan Studs.  The wooden embellishments are discontinued, but you can find everything else on my website.

Thank you so much for stopping in!  It is always a pleasure when you visit!

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terryanndiack said...

What a lovely story. In this world of digital, mile a minute, quick, hurry up, etc. It's nice to know that some people take the time to stop and and remember. We are memory keepers (I will add myself into this) because the photos only show a picture. It's up to us to add the memories, so future generation know why this picture was taken. Thanks for reminding me.

Unknown said...

That really does look like the perfect day!