Thursday, September 10, 2015

Urban Baseball Mini Album (Design Space Files Included)

I want to tell you right away that this is a long post, but one that will hopefully be very useful to you!

If you were at my Extravaganza class at Convention, you were able to see this mini album, and I know several of you are waiting for the instructions and files that I promised.  At the end of the post, I will share the product I used as well as the two Design Space files you will need to create this.

I made this mini album for my sister.  She has seen it, but I still have it so that I could take pictures and make sure the Design Space files are correct.  However, her youngest just went to college last Friday, and she is now an empty nester.  I need to get this in the mail for her to hold.  

Pages 1 & 2
I used an Artbooking pocket page for page 2, and it holds photos of both Trevor and Riley.  I used a heart for my journaling spot because you might prefer another shape or even a photo.

Pages 3 & 4

I took the shot on the left, but I grabbed the other two from Facebook. 

Pages 5 & 6
I love this set of pages just for the photos.  You will have to click on it to make it larger to see them, but the photo on the left page, bottom right, is one of my favorites of them.

Pages 7 & 8
This set of pages is about Trevor.  I printed a newspaper article about him and put it in two flip flaps.  If you do that, always remember to credit the newspaper and writer.  This article was written sometime after he was named the Saints' Rookie of the Year and UMAC Player of the Year, and it talked about how his journey started at another college. Underneath the flip flaps, I shared my feelings about Trev.

Pages 9 & 10
These two pages are about Riley.  I especially like the photo of Riley pitching because he won't be pitching anymore. When we got to see him play, I love watching him put his whole entire body into throwing that ball!  But equally, he is an amazing catcher, and he was just selected last night as the Saints' Fall League #1 draft pick as a catcher.  And just think - he is a brand new Freshman!  Again, I used an article that was written after Riley was named Prep Newsmaker and shared my thoughts under the flip flaps.

Pages 11 &12
I grabbed these photos from a newspaper article that was written about Trevor & Riley.  The boys have a baseball field and batting cage in the yard, so the newspaper did an article about their "field of dreams".  It was a fabulous article!

I absolutely LOVED creating this book for my sister, and it was an honoring to teach with it at Extravaganza!

Here's what you will need to know to create this mini album:

I scored all of the pages on the left side at 3/4", and I adhered them together with Liquid Glass.  I wanted this to be more of a book, but you can leave the pages loose.

Design Space Files (I created two because this book is really made from all Artbooking cuts.) I have tried to color code as much as possible for you.
Product used that can be purchased on my website:
  • x7204b  Urban Paper Packet
  • x5930  Slate Cardstock
  • 1385  White Daisy Cardstock
  • x5778  Saffron Cardstock
  • d1644  The Authentic Life Stamp Set
  • d1652  Team Player Stamp Set
  • d1648  Snapshot Memories
  • b1484  Jennifer's Hand Stamp Set
  • x7204c  Urban Complements
  • z2649  Peacock Ink
  • z3169  Artbooking Collection
  • z3095  Whisper Twine
  • z3122  Blue Enamel Dots
  • z4114  4" x 6" Flip Flaps
  • z679  Liquid Glass
Have so much fun making this album!  I enjoyed my time with it so much, and it is with a glad heart that I pass it on to my sister!

Consultants:  If you re-make this album and teach this as a class, I would be most honored!!  I would just ask that you share the story of why I made it for my sister (stories are the best part of memory making) and send people to visit me when they have a chance.  Thank you!

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Brenda Lapp said...

Fantastic album! Thank you for sharing the stories behind the pages and the files you used to create it.

Unknown said...

This Mini is way over the moon Brenda. Love your design and how it all pulled together. I'm sure your Sissy absolutely loved it. Urban is the perfect paper. Thanks so much for sharing the files. You always inspire me, your work is so gorgeous.