Rose Blossom Blog Hop - Our Favorite Stamp Sets

Welcome to the Rose Blossom Blog Hop!  We are so excited to share projects with each of our favorite stamp sets.  If you've never hopped, it's very easy!  I show you my project, and then you follow the link to the next blog.  It's a big circle, so you will end up right back here!

My favorite stamp is (and this was hard to narrow down!) is Ink Blot.  I use it to accent a lot of projects.  From the moment I saw that stamp and Urban paper, I knew they would be keepers for me!

Oh, how I loved this day in 1994.  We took Shane to Itasca State Park so that he could cross the Headwaters of the Mississippi.  He was just 5 years old and loved the outdoors.  He was adventurous, laughed all the time, and never walked, but rather ran to everything.  I love scrapping little boy photos of him.

Anyway, I used every single stamp in Ink Blot to create the splattered paper.  Let me show you how I achieved this look:

You simply keep adding ink in different colors until you have one big mess!!

Now it's time to head over to Lynn's blog.  I saw a peek, and it's fabulous!!

Thi is the Ink Blot stamp set:


Morgan Vogt said…
Awesome layout! Ink Blot is one of my favorites as well, and you showed why it's so incredible. I also love your step-by-step stamping photos - very helpful for when I go to CASE this. :)
Unknown said…
Just amazing your blots and splats all over the place. It is so perfect for Urban and this layout..which is adorable in itself. The picture of you and Shane is have inspired me once again... beautiful work.
Lynn said…
This layout is a new Brenda Rose fave for me! I love this stamp set too and turn to it whenever I need a little somethin' somethin' on a project. I agree that the photo of you and Shane is precious!
Unknown said…
This sweet rustic layout is amazing. And then the step by step stamping photos are terrific. I wouldn't know how to start with a set like this. And finally what a great reminder to keep scrap booking (and re-living) memories of happy innocent times with our children.
Love your ink splattered background! Thanks for including the photographs of each step.
:) Marie
Kim Hill said…
Love this layout! The paint spatter is just perfect. :)
Unknown said…
Fabulous random stamping!!!
Marg Van Patten said…
What an incredibly beautiful page. I keep going back to catch every detail of the artwork techniques and find myself drawn back into the photos. How absolutely perfect! Thanks for showing the step-by-step stamping. Very helpful. Easter Blessing to you and yours!
Karen Day said…
Is that you with the long hair??! This is a gorgeous layout, Brenda - and I really love your artsy splattered background!
Mary Gunn FUNN said…
I love that ink blot! SO MUCH FUNN to use! Great pieces, Brenda!

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