Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Life is Good

There are so many ways to look at the Happy Times paper packet because there are so many patterns.  Today I pulled out the gradient sheet.

Do you see how the background goes from darker on the bottom to lighter on the top?  I love that piece of paper!  The white dots you see over the background as well as the "life is good" sentiment come from the Picture My Life White Overlay packet.  Yes, you can just slip them over a photo in a pocket, and that is what they were made for.  However, isn't it more fun to take them outside the box and use them on a card?  

Always remember this....
Every single product in the book has a use outside of what it may seem to be intended for!

I used the Happy Times stamp set with sorbet and cotton candy ink to make the flowers and put lovely flamingo dots in the middle.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!!

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Marilyn said...

So pretty!!

Unknown said...

Your details on this card are fantastic! I will be lifting a few of those! 😀