Monday, June 6, 2016

Be True To Who You Are

When I saw this stamp, Lovely Garden, in Seasonal Expression 2, I immediately fell in love with it! 

 I think it's so very important that we really live that sentiment.
Comparing ourselves to others can really get us stuck sometimes in life.
I do a whole lot of things in dresses and a flower in my hair in the summer.  I do things like cleaning up the yard, fishing on the boat, and tending to my outdoor plants.  It's because that's just who I am.

Your perfect you probably won't have a dress and a flower in your hair doing chores.
But this card is for you...
to remind you to always be true to yourself.
You will always find your best happy there!

Thanks for stopping in today, and I hope you find your day most blessed!

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Unknown said...

So sweet!... What you wrote on the post and the card you made.

Lynn said...

So you! Love it.