Thursday, August 11, 2016

Whimsy Baby Pages - Months 10 & 11

Journaling left page:  "Let's clear something up.  I really do love Great-Grandma.  She was squeezing me so I could feel how much she loves me!  I have to tell you something else.  Once in awhile I get pretty mad if things aren't going my way.  I have learned that Mommy and Daddy are really, really patient!"

Journaling right page:  "I really didn't know where my keys were.  One minute they were in my hands and then they were gone.  Who knew I could balance things on my head?  I don't know much about these pages with words.  But I think it's something pretty good.  I like when Mommy and Daddy tell me what the words say!

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1 comment:

Phyllis Houser said...

I absolutely love all these pages and especially the way you show how easily it can be modified for a girl or boy.