Sunday, October 2, 2016

Real Rewards When You Host a Gathering in October!

Have you been thinking about having an Online or Home Gathering?  

We love rewarding our Hostesses, and our Hostess Rewards program is one of the most generous programs out there. During the month of October, in addition to earning free and discounted products, Hostesses have another fantastic option for using their Hostess Rewards credit: applying it toward a New Consultant Kit! It’s the perfect time for hosting your own Close To My Heart Gathering—it could open the door to a rewarding new opportunity!

By earning $75 in Hostess Rewards (a $450 Gathering), you will have enough credit to get the Consultant Kit FREE - and two half-price items!  The value of the Consultant Kit is $200 PLUS you get an additional $50 in Select Product Credit (or Hostess Rewards) as part of the New Consultant Kit!

So let's break this down...

Invite your friends for an Online or Home Gathering.
Gather $450 in orders.
Choose the FREE Consultant Kit.
Receive $250 in FREE Product
TWO 50% off items!!


Don't think you could quite reach $450 in orders?  That's okay!  

Gather $250 in orders.
Earn $40 credit toward the Consultant Kit.
Kit is $35.
Receive $250 in FREE product
One 50% off item!!


Gather $350 in orders.
Earn $60 credit toward the Consultant Kit
Kit is $15.
Receive $250 in FREE product
One 50% off item!!

But it doesn't stop with sending you receiving the Consultant Kit.  Not only do you have the support of the comprehensive Online Office, but you will have the full support of my team, the Rose Blossoms!  I can never say enough about my team.  The camaraderie, the caring, and the artwork these women share with each other is unbelievable!  We are about to hold on our 2nd Annual Operation Smile crop, so be sure to watch for photos here on my blog and Facebook page.

(This is a photo of us at a local event with our Chief Communications Office, Monica.  There's another fabulous local event coming up on December 3rd, and YOU could go if you sign up to be a Consultant!!  You would get to work with NEW product that won't be released until January 1st!)

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