Card Box with 6 Cards - SOLD OUT

Well, Hello Lovely!!  Yes, this is the name of a paper, but isn't it great that I have the opportunity to call you lovely?  I was looking at this beautiful paper this morning and the retired card boxes I have on my shelf.  I thought I should put something together so that you can share in the joy of this paper!

The kit is $26 and includes:
  • Pre-cut Hello Lovely paper to make the card box and six cards
  • Hello Lovely complements - no stamping required with this kit!
  • 21 Gold Glitter Gems
  • Gold Glitter Paper Strips and "cards"
  • 6 card bases and Envelopes
  • Directions - close-up photos of the box and card to easily put this together


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Unknown said…
I struggle with floral patterned papers... especially combining a few different floral patterns. You are the master! What a gorgeous kit!!!

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