Sunday, February 19, 2017

Close To My Heart Events

I love going to Close To My Heart Events!  I love to learn more about how to grow my business, and I love having time to learn new artwork techniques from the Close To My Heart art department.
My favorite reason for going to events, though, is the friendships that I share with other consultants.  We don't see each other that often, and it's wonderful to sit down and talk!  
So let me tell you about some of the events....

Team Meetings & Crops
My Rose Blossom team is a highly creative team.  I try to do all of my meetings in the form of a day crop or retreat.  It's a wonderful thing when we can all create together!  And we even cover business and learn new things to help us in our Close To My Heart businesses!

Launch Events
This event is a blast!  Close To My Heart sends people from the Home Office to different cities to teach artwork and share some business tips for the upcoming Seasonal Expressions book.  They also hand our awards and do giveaways!  The event 3 hours long and is only $35 (can you believe it?!).  We leave with stamp sets, a new Seasonal Expression book, and finished artwork to show our customers.  Here's a photo of my team from the last event in Bloomington.  I also had team members attend in Pennsylvania and California!

We have another Launch Event coming up on March 25th, and Close To My Heart will be visiting Bloomington (MN), Detroit (MI), Alexandria (VA), Anaheim (CA), Sacramento (CA), Andover (MA), Navarre (FL), Salt Lake City (UT), San Antonio (TX), Seattle (WA), and St. Louis (MO).  If you have given thought to joining CTMH, this would be a GREAT time so that you could attend one of these events!

Team Builders
I just attended this event in January in Salt Lake City, and it is truly one of the best events I've been to!  This is held for Managers and above, and anyone that earns the Incentive Trip each year.  There is a whole lot of learning, and this year there was a whole lot of artwork time, too!

I don't even know how to describe Convention!  It is 3 days FILLED with activity (and very little sleep)!  There are new product reveals, business classes, creative classes, artwork showcases, and a beautiful awards dinner.  This event is something I could never miss because it means so much to me to connect with Close To My Heart sisters and Home Office staff that I may only see once a year.  Again - with all the good teaching that I love - it's still those friendships that I treasure the most!
Here are a couple of photos of my beautiful team members that made the trip to Disney World with me last year.  This year, there are 9 of us going to Salt Lake City for the Convention at the end of June.

Incentive Trips
Close To My Heart has Incentive Trips for meeting sales and team building goals.  They pay for you and a guest (airfare, transfers, and accommodations!), and I have been blessed to earn 6 of these trips.  Every last one has been such a joy!
  • Mediterranean Cruise
  • Southern Caribbean
  • Costa Rica
  • Hawaii
  • Eastern Caribbean
  • Puerto Vallarta (we leave on Thursday!)
This is just one of the many places we have been.  This is Trunk Bay on St. John's.  Gorgeous!!

The next Incentive Trip Close To My Heart is offering is Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand.  Our son would really like to go on that trip with me, so I am working hard to earn that one for him!

My husband works very hard - 50-60 hours a week - and there is no opportunity for him to earn something like this.  I feel incredibly blessed to have the chance to earn trips.
Want to know the best part?
YOU can earn them, too!!

There's a little over a week left of the New Consultant/Former Consultant special where you will receive THREE FREE stamp sets when you join.  Have you been thinking about it?  I hope that you've seen that Close To My Heart is so much more than paper, stamps, and ink.  It is the friendships we share and the memories we make along the way!
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

If you are ready to join and build those life-long paper crafting friendships, CLICK HERE.

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