Sunday, June 18, 2017

Life is Meant to be Lived

Isn't that the truth?  Sometimes I think we forget how important it is to breathe and just enjoy living.  
That's what my card is all about today.  No Worries is made up of papers that are good for the soul.  Not only are the colors soothing, but the rich patterns are as well.

I've distressed the edges of the papers with Cashmere ink.  It's a soft sand color, and it's one of my favorites to use with beach scenes.  The paper with the trees is one of the journaling cards that you will find in the No Worries paper packet.    I used the No Worries Scrapbooking stamp set for the birds and sentiments, and that stamp set will never leave my collection.  I'll show it to you in a bit, and I think you'll agree that it's a must have and a keeper!  

That twine I've used is white burlap ribbon.  What is unique is that you can cut it apart at the seams and use it in single strands.  That's how I used it under the No Worries sticker.

Here are the products I used in today's card:

(The blue lines around the cruise ship and palm trees mean that you can buy a bundle that contains the stamp set and palm trees.)

I want to close today with a story that I heard.  There was a man that lived his whole life alone, never having a wife or family.  He didn't spend much time with extended family, because he had his own business and chose to work seven days a week.  He was becoming very comfortable financially very  quickly, storing his money away for the future.  All of a sudden he was in his 70s, and there were financial problems within his company.  He lost everything - every penny he had saved.  All of the money that he worked so hard to save was gone.  And the worst part?  He had never fostered any relationships with his family.  He never chose to spend time with them or go on vacations.  He never chose to just live.

So my advice to you today is to just live.  Go out for dinner and spend an evening with those you love.  Have coffee with a friend - no matter how busy you are.  Spend some of your money on a vacation.  Even a long weekend away creates memories and leaves your footprints in new places.

Life is meant to be lived.

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Janice said...

Beautiful cards and than
ks for the reminder to foster our relationships. Life gets so busy it's very easy to put friends and family off and then we find ourselves alone with our thoughts.......

Risa Filbey said...

Okay, now I will have to add this set to my wishlist!! Beautiful!