Saturday, August 11, 2018

Announcing... Brenda's Workshop Your Way Hostess Club!

I am so excited about this club because it allows me the opportunity to give back to you!  I am so appreciative that you purchase my workshops and shop with me, and I want you to earn Hostess Rewards!  So let me tell you all about my Workshop Your Way Hostess Club.

  • 6 Months (September 2018 – February 2019)
  • $40 In-Home Class (pay at class)
  • $45 Virtual  (billed monthly on the 1st of the month and this price includes shipping)
  • We will use the Workshop Your Way for this Hostess Club.  However, the layouts will rarely look like the Workshop your Way.  I like to switch things up to further enhance the patterns and give you even more ideas!
  •  Kits will be pre-cut, sorted, and mailed directly to you.  They will include any Cricut cuts and specialty items I use.
  • During the six-month period, you will be a Hostess during one month.
  • You will automatically receive $40 in Hostess Rewards.  If you bring in at least one outside order during your Hostess month, you will jump to $60 in Hostess Rewards!
  • You will receive one half-price item during your Hostess month.
  •  I will have a Virtual Classroom for the Workshop Your Way Hostess Club.  I want my long distance members to be a part of the fun!  At least once a month, I will do a Facebook Live video showing you how to create your layouts and explaining the changes I have made.  When you come to the in-home class, you will automatically be added to the virtual group.  
  • When you join the Workshop Your Way Hostess Club, you will receive a free package of Flip Flaps from me in your first class kit.  You will receive a Christmas gift from me in your December kit, too!
  • Finally, when you sign up for this club, you will go into a drawing for a FREE Craft Organizer!  These are BRAND NEW and will hold 12x12 paper packets, cardstock, your Versamat, and much more!
       Doesn't it sound great?!  I am so excited to work with the upcoming papers and bring some special pages into your life and memory books!

CLICK HERE to let me know you'd like to join.  
I will get in touch with your right away!


Team Members and Potential Team Members:

You will have FREE access to my Virtual Classroom.  
I want this to be a time of learning for you, too!

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