Monday, September 3, 2018

Memories in the Making Cut Above Layout Kit

It's National Stamping Month, and this year’s special features the Memories in the Making Cut Above layout kit. With this kit, you can create 13 single pages, or add a few additional products to turn this layout kit into a calendar! This special includes two exclusive stamp sets: Memories in the Making — Days, and Memories in the Making — Months. Use these stamp sets to add months, date numbers, and other details to your calendar.

Let me show you the details, and then I will share photos of the pages!

You can buy the Cut Above Layout Kit on it's own.  You would have everything you need to create 13 lovely single pages.  All you would need to bring is adhesive!  The cost for this kit is $29.95.

These one page layouts are perfect for a calendar.    That's why we have paired them with a calendar for just $1.00 more!  The Cut Above Layout Kit with the calendar is $30.95, and it's perfect for someone that has the alphabet to make titles and numbers.  

The next option is my very favorite and truly the best value.  It is the Cut Above Layout Kit with the Calendar, Months Stamps, and Daily Stamps with icons.  This set retails at $87.80, and we are selling it during National Stamping Month at just $60.95!  That's a savings of 30%!!

 Now let me show you the lovely pages this kit makes.  I also want to tell you that it took me about 90 minutes to put the whole kit together.  Yes - 13 pages in less time than it takes to watch a movie!!

If you'd like to see the pages up close, just click on the photo to make them larger.  Didn't I tell you that they were wonderful pages?  Watercolor splashes, words, splatters - and it's all built into these pages and pre-printed.

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