Why I Love Close To My Heart

I really love to scrapbook and keep our family memories.  It only made sense that I would choose to join CTMH so many years ago!  Let me tell you a few reasons why this path is true joy for me.  
The life long friendships I have because of CTMH- whether sister Consultants, my team, my customers, or the lovely people that work at our Home Office - these friends will be a part of my life forever!  
The discount is incredible!  I am so glad that I have a coupon for life, and that what I purchase from my own store on my own FREE website is part of my sales!  
I am my own boss - wow!  I never knew how important that was until I joined CTMH.  I get to make my own hours, take days off when I need, and I am always available for my family when they need me.  
Being a consultant actually helps tremendously with our household income.  From medical bills to college tuition to a truck payment to vacations, I am able to provide in a meaningful way.  
I also have the joy, pleasure, and honor of guiding a team of women that I love in their journey with CTMH.  My Rose Blossoms are incredible like-minded women who truly love to craft.  The great thing about CTMH is that all are welcome no matter what you want to do with your business.  Some of my team members are with CTMH for the discount (how smart!), some of them have friends and customers so they make enough sales to get their own product FREE, and some of them are leaders growing their own teams!  It truly is a company for everyone!!  
This month while we are offering the New Consultant option of $35, why not give it a try?  You will receive $35 in FREE product of your choice just for joining us, and my promise to you is full support in however you want to continue with CTMH.  And I look forward to that! 

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